Welcome to STEAMLand

At Erandi Aprende, we’re building STEAMLand alongside incredible partners. A land of open-ended, boundless learning where passion is the compass, connecting the digital and physical worlds. Here, curiosity thrives, and every inquisitive mind is equipped with the resources and community they need to bring their most incredible STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) projects to life.

Our impact extends far beyond our app. Since 2020, we’ve been working with partners to develop and deliver impactful STEAM education experiences for girls. We believe in the power of collaboration to empower girls and close the gender gap in STEM.


The gender gap in science and technology fields is evident, with less than 20% of women under 25 choosing careers in this area in Mexico [1]. In the United States, only 2% of the Information Technology workforce are Hispanic women [2].


We tackle these challenges by focusing on eliminating gender biases since childhood. According to UNESCO [3], by third grade, 9 out of 10 girls associate science and technology skills as masculine skills. Our mission is rooted in using technology for social impact, nurturing the unique interests of girls and boys, and preserving the “spark” of curiosity and creativity that defines childhood.

Erandi Aprende is a bilingual, AI-driven app that serves as a STEAM learning companion for boldly curious girls. We stand out for offering personalized learning experiences through conversations guided by our avatar and AI, Erandi*, and the development of projects, integrating the arts to foster creativity and socio-emotional development. Try Our App

*Erandi is a name of Purépecha origin (one of the largest indigenous communities in Mexico) that means awakening or dawn. Erandi represents an awakening of women in science and technology.

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Our team

Founded and run by a team that creates with childlike wonder. We come from diverse backgrounds, such as engineering, design, business, social sciences, and communications. We are united by a love for learning and breaking gender barriers in science and technology fields.

Andrea Remes

CEO & Co-founder

Miros Rodríguez

CTO & Co-founder

Hope Myers

UI/UX Designer

Elissa Casas

Marketing & Communications


Our Story

Nov 2019

The idea is born

We began our journey at UNICEF's Youth Challenge Mexico.


Dic 2020

Global winners

On December 11, 2020, it is announced that our project is selected as the global winner of the Youth Challenge among 15 million participants.

winners-youth challenge


The adventure continues

We expand our educational offerings and build partnerships with leading technology companies to provide STEAM education for all.




Our co-founders take Erandi Aprende to Washington D.C. after being selected by Halcyon Incubator.




Experience in Silicon Valley to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in educational technology and artificial intelligence.


Partnerships and Collaborations